DIY Alert #2 – Dated Brass Lamp = Fabulous NEW Porch Lamp

If you like to decorate your home, then you’ll LOVE to decorate your porch/patio. It is an amazing and fabulous extension of your home because you get to enjoy it during the greatest time of life, Spring time. Well, that’s my biased opinion anyways.

I challenge you to check out these photos below and try to deny the magical way these OLD, dated brass lamps are transformed into something that you can’t wait to get home to every night. Sure, there are lots of great things about Spring (like the flowers) but nothing beats a great glass of wine, on your porch, after a crappy day, now imagine sitting next to your RFabulous solar lamp. It will be there for you well into the early darkness and the second glass…

Material List


OLD Brass lamp


Dixie Belle paint


Paint Brush


Solar light from the dollar store 


Gorilla glue 


And no fear for de-wiring a lamp… don’t worry it will be unplugged

This is a pretty basic DIY project. The hardest part is taking out the electrical parts of the lamp. Just get pliers and scissors and go to town, cut the wire and remove the socket where you would put the light bulb. 

Once they are removed, paint the base and glue in the solar lamp and off to the porch you go! 

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