ReFab DIY Alert #1 Old Doors or Wood Panel = Adorable Table Riser

This is an easy refab project to get excited about not just because it saves old cabinet doors or wood scraps from the landfill but because these risers are adorable! For this project, we took some old pieces of wood from cabinet doors or panels lying around the workshop and created a ReFabulous riser for a kitchen table or Island. Decorative risers can brighten up a space and create a focal point when you use them. 

Add some Dixie Belle paint, old knobs from a dresser, and a pretty little transfer and you are ready to go! All of these supplies are available at ReFabulous Furnishings. 


At the center of a table for salt and pepper and other condiments


As the base for a plant or a vase with fresh flowers


As a base for a new decorative item, you just picked up at ReFabulous 


As a place for your tablet or cookbook

Material List


OLD wood panel, cabinet door, or table leaf


Wood dresser knobs purchase at Lowe’s (or any old knob off a dresser)


Wood Glue


Dixie Belle paint


Paint Brush


Small leftover transfers

Step 1

Start by cleaning your wood and prep for the first coat of paint. We only use Dixie Belle paint and recommend using their color lab to create colors as unique as you.

Step 2

Glue the wood knobs to the bottom of the wood and then after drying time, start your first coat of paint.  

Step 3

After appropriate drying time, you are ready to start getting creative and put on a few coordinated transfers. 

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